Personal development guidance, lifestyle inspiration and branding services, from a Spiritual Intuitive + Consultant, traveling the world.

I live out loud
and in living color.

an accumulation of my experiences to date, for
my own understanding and personal growth. 

and if by sharing those, I inspire and support
someone else's journey of seeking, understanding, healing and creating,

may we both be living
our purpose on this Earth. 


we only know what we know,
bASED ON as far as we've come.

so, why not push farther?  lean into what could be.
and open up a bit...for a whole lot more. 


Living these concepts in the nuance of everyday life allows space to create and experience exactly what we truly desire.

Whether the "what" in that statement is you finding inspiration and courage for a lifestyle shift, looking for answers and guidance around your soul's purpose, outsourcing your content creation needs, or gearing up for a website launch or business revamp — I'm here, ready and capable to dive in and work on your "what" with you. Learn more about what we can do here.

Hey, I'm Ash JohnsAs a creative muse, intuitive guide and strategic consultant, I gather and fuse all my tools, skills and experiences to assist you in bringing whatever it is you envision into full color and existence. 

If you're a soul seeker, creative entrepreneur and / or small business owner looking for equal parts motivational advisor, spiritual connector and accountability partner — I just may be your person! 


 .WHAT. you want?
 ...are you creating?
...are you dreaming? you want to heal? you want to feel?
...are your passions, talents and purpose?

(and, Even more importantly) holding you back?
...are you willing to do* about it?  

We all have whatsAnd this is what I love to do — help amazing folks such as yourself, tease out the details preventing you from experiencing, manifesting and achieving what we're all capable of. Which is owning the space and confidence to live our lives out loud, and on the terms we choose to create for ourselves.   


*and for how long?



blurbs, stories
and thought pieces of my personal journey

Here I like to share a bit about what epiphanies and understandings are coming through in my own life. Chances are, someone in the world can relate. 
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work with me


COME exactly AS YOU ARE — and TAKE A LEAP.

As a connected listener and activated consultant, I believe in leaning into the always leads us to the next step or level in life.  Click below to learn about the packages and ways we can connect and work towards your 'what'. 


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