as above, so below. as within, so without. let's do ALL the work.
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Living in the Intersection


Ash Johns' integrated approach to healing and brand + business development engages all aspects of the self and the culture we find ourselves in today. Seeing no separation between the person, the culture, and the economics, this approach is rooted in knowing how these aspects both inspire and depress each other, that without careful review and de / reprogramming, can suppress the true authentic story desiring to be lived and shared.

In all things, we come back to the self to influence great transformation and change.


Brand and business strategy offerings

Guide helping professionals (therapists, coaches, healers, yoga instructors etc) to develop authentic brands reflective of their purpose; create expansive messaging and marketing plans free of manipulation and scarcity tactics; and implement anti-oppressive practices that support the conscious evolution of our world. 

healing and coaching OFFERINGS

Help to identify, uproot and integrate limitations and imbalances in the mind, body and spirit — all of which are most often rooted in ancestral lineage; unearth personal power and spiritual connection; re / establish confidence to continue on and sustain a personal freedom and development journey.