Hi, I'm Ash — Spiritual Guide, Ancestral Healer, Inspiring Speaker and Conscious Business Strategist.
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I’m Ash.

An international personal + spiritual development guide, storyteller, and strategist passionate about spiritual reconnection, ancestral healing, personal growth and creative problem solving for cultural evolution through understanding, immersion, connection and conversation.


A Detroit born, Chicago bred girl with dreams things could change… for the better.

I am balanced left & right brain, born an artistic dreamer with a deep curiosity for the Mind and the Spirit. I’ve spent my entire lifetime (so far) exploring the overlap of spirituality, creativity, culture and business. I feel called to guide and support humans in getting reacquainted with their personal power through vulnerable, illuminating and educational personal development practices and spiritual integration methods.

Simply put, I have a knack for seeing the big picture — physically, energetically, spiritually and creatively — and inspiring + managing the evolutionary process of manifesting BIG ideas into reality. 

how did you get into this?

Since the age of 8, I’ve been doing this work for myself. Raised in an unstable and dysfunctional home (who hasn’t!?), I was always intrigued by our family dynamics, patterns and governing subculture. A gifted sensitive, I became even more hyperaware of my surroundings, both seen and unseen, through my Pentecostal Christian upbringing. Over the years, I began researching, mapping and remembering humans’ spiritual abilities through metaphysical studies, plant medicine, psychotherapy, trance work, Reiki and other supernatural and occult techniques and theories, coupled with my human behavior, social work and sociology professional trainings.

But it wasn’t until I moved to Bali that things really clicked in, amplified and my work began to take shape in a much deeper way. There, I ran over 40 women’s healing and personal development retreats, with women coming from all over the world and of many different backgrounds, traumas and needs.

I am certified in and an initiate of a few traditions including elemental healing, Balinese purification, family constellation, ritual and ceremonial communion, ancestral medicine, human insight mining + research, and psycho-spiritual coaching, to name a few.




Bali was my Best Teacher.

They say one year on The Island of Gods is equivalent to FIVE in Western life.

I lived there for three.

And learned how to be free for the first time, this lifetime, while unpacking all the programming holding me back from living my best life.


what i offer

I cultivate safe space for you to show up and be brave…in your healing, personal growth and ancestral reconnection.

I believe in courage and compassion and help you find and integrate tools and understandings that create personal freedom and cultural evolution for the collective.

Leveraging a variety of culturally-informed spiritual and psychological tools, I help you unearth your personal power and reconnect to your spiritual knowing to help transform your life and this world.

I share my gifts through public speaking; midwifing one-on-one sessions; ancestral divinations; emotional clearing; online courses and books; group circles, events and workshops; and immersive retreats.

Ashley is extremely thoughtful, detail oriented and passionate about the empowerment of women. She elevates your expectations! The world needs this!
— Loni Swain, Media Personality, Blogger
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a little about you. 

You’ve been reading and hearing all about how the Universe works in mysterious ways to make things come to fruition as you've dreamed it...yet, you don't know where to start or why things aren't coming to fruition as you've imagined.

You have an idea of where you want your life to go, yet you're looking for the confirmations and nudges to get the ball rolling. You need support from someone who understands humans, life and how to bring it all together with more ease and less struggle. 

You’re ready to do some deeper healing and development work and want to find someone you trust, who does the work themselves, is compassionate and supportive while also being honest and direct.

I'll even go out on a limb and say:

You're open to alternative methods of healing, personal growth and development. 
You want to look at your familial structure and programming for clues on what needs to be healed in you.
You’re searching for a deeper understanding of who you are and how the energetic world works.
You’re ready to put in the work and effort to truly change your life — from the inside out.
You’re ready to see how the world is effecting you and your personal development.
You’re also ready to see how your development effects the world around you.

You are looking for someone who gets it — the personal, spiritual, ancestral, creative and business parts of this world — without all the fluff and typical "coach" models and language.

Well, here I am.



I enjoy sharing gifts of wisdom on spirituality, personal and ancestral healing, cultural transformation, conscious business, creativity and more...

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