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The world needs Ancestral Healing.


let’s go on a journey of deep personal healing for cultural change, instead of just spiritually bypassing to the enlightened place...

…because there is no separation between our personal challenges, and society’s oppressions. Most spiritual development and ancestral healing offerings and trainings focus on your personal lineage, without understanding, making the connection to, or working on the systemic, social and cultural ghosts, traumas and programming of the past that influenced and are still negatively effecting you, your family, our culture, society and how we relate.

Here’s the ugly truth we like to ignore — what you’re experiencing today is a reflection of what still needs healing from the past. And not just your past, OUR past.


this is an invitation to do the work to reconnect to your ancestors, heal yourself and help the world become a more connected place, together.


What is Ancestral healing?


What, How and Why

Ancestral Healing is the belief, practice and process of reconnecting with your ancestral roots, wisdom and knowledge. Scientifically, we know we carry the genes of our forefathers and mothers. Intellectually, we have learned the culture and ways of our family. Yet, it seems we forget we have an energetic and spiritual connection to the bloodlines of our people going way way back, that hold valuable information about who we are and our roles in life right now.

Ancestral Healing is beneficial personally, on familial, communal and cultural levels, helping us remember what it means to belong, relate and thrive as humans on this Earth. Whether conscious or not, we each have relationships with the people who are now passed on but were integral to the creation of our lives. My approach to Ancestral Healing is a secure, safe, ritual-informed process that helps you identify trauma, harm, unprocessed pain from your own life with the help of your Ancestors and Higher Self. Sessions include forms of meditation, divination, ritual practice, energy channeling and clearing, and psychospiritual coaching to apply learning to life.

I believe together, we create a brighter future.


Our lives are not our own.

Begin reconnecting (or deepening your connection) to your lineage.
Cultivate a relationship with your spiritual birthright.
Initiate your Journey to Freedom.



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