Learn how to sit with the Ancestors
who have your best interest at heart.


This is to your invitation to explore, remember and reconnect to your Spiritual birthright.


Your great, loving and supportive Ancestors are already looking after you, and you do in fact already have a relationship with them, although probably an unconscious one.

When we build a conscious relationship with our great Ancestors, we are calling in Ancient Wisdom and Spiritual knowing we’ve only just forgotten more recently in history, and that can help us in healing personal, generational —and eventually— cultural trauma at a deep level.

Through this INTRO course, you’ll learn:

  • the importance and benefits of ancestor reverence

  • the watch outs and cautions associated with ancestor reverence

  • the foundational elements to begin your own ancestral reverence, a practice honored by all our original lineages worldwide

You’ll also be supported in:

  • establishing your own, unique practice of ancestral reverence

  • navigating this topic with family so you can receive historical information to support the development of your practice

  • making personal and ancestral altars with the help of the elements

  • authoring your own prayers and petitions to call in your most well and loving Ancestors, with shared examples from different cultures

  • testing your connections and communications with your loving Ancestors

  • learning how to recognize and listen to your loving Ancestors and through your unique gifts

— Anais, California

— Anais, California

“My session with Ash came at a pivotal time - undoubtedly universally timed - it was moving and validating in so many ways. I left our one-on-one feeling so in-tune, aligned, and supported not just by my Ancestors and Guides, but also by other forces that I can’t quite put into words. The advice and things that came through were profound - some of them I didn’t quite grasp at the moment, but as time went on, I would have an “aha - this is it! This is what they were trying to tell me!” moment.

I’m very much looking forward to my next session and the course, and to see where this path leads. I am so grateful for you, Ash. Thank you for being such a powerful light.” 


Ancestor Reconnection

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OPTION 1 — $0.00

  • seven (7) guide sheets

  • seven (7) recorded lessons

  • seven (7) guided meditations

  • secret Facebook support group

OPTION 2 — $248

  • everything in Option 1

  • plus one (1) 1-on-1 with Ash

— Britney, Illinois

— Britney, Illinois

“When Ashley offered me the opportunity to participate in the program - I thought the timing was all off for me. I wasn't ready or willing to add anything more to my plate and was honestly very afraid about what could happen if I challenged the way my life was operating at the time. But she knew what I needed! This experience has been unlike anything I've ever been a part of in my life.

It's so wonderful to have a sisterhood of support, to be taught new ideas and concepts that truly challenge me to flush out old parts of myself that aren't serving me and push me into becoming and operating at my fullest potential. It's not only strengthened my faith, but given me tons of other tools, resources, support and solutions for how I want to live my life and who I want to be.

I've gained confidence, self awareness, accountability and really tapped into areas of myself I didn't even know were lying dormant since starting the program. It's given me so much hope and inspiration about what is possible and who I am called to be in this life. I will always be grateful for this program and how it's helped me to develop as a woman.”

— Kristina, Mexico

— Kristina, Mexico

"Working with Ash has been an eye opening experience on my path to healing. She helped me see that a great deal of the challenges & struggles I’ve been identifying myself with and perceived as solely my own, were actually deeply rooted within my ancestral lineage and my cultural environment.

It has helped me see them as shared experiences which brought on a brand new perspective on how to take ownership of my healing and tackle these patterns of behavior with much deeper understanding of myself — what is mine, what is learned, and what is inherited. I’ve found a huge sense of relief and endurance to do deeper personal healing work as a result.”

— Keon, Trinidad

— Keon, Trinidad

“Finding friends with ancient wisdom makes you realize that connections span across generations and lifetimes; we are connected by forces bigger than ourselves. In our last session, I took some bravery and intentionality from you — much needed (and appreciated) for this next chapter of life I find myself in.

Ash, thank you for your wisdom throughout the years.
You are a blessing.”


Your Guide — Ash Johns


With an open heart, I am honored to be able to offer this introductory course, through the blessing of my well and loving Ancestors.

While I’ve been honoring my ancestors since childhood, the last 4 years of my practice has taken me to new heights in my spiritual abilities, intuitive knowing and personal development. I’m sharing what I know from experience to support and inspire others on their self-guided journey of remembrance— first in 2017 and 2018’s program Acculturated Space, an 8-month personal transformation offering, and now through this introductory course.

Having traveled the world studying and working with priests, priestesses, diviners, teachers and medicine women of many cultures still honoring this time-tested ritual of reverence, I’ve learned the crossroads between our realm and theirs is oh-so-thin whether we acknowledge it or not.

I'm looking forward to this email series being a communal engagement and hearing what unfolds for you all. We'll be having that discussion through live group calls and the Ancestor Reconnection Facebook Group.

with love
and in devotion to my path,


already have an established practice of ancestor reverence?
looking to deepen your relationship with well ancestors?
more of a hands-on learner?

You’re still in a good place! I offer live group and individual experiences that go in much further depth with more intimate support.
Share your email below for more details on the next session.

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