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Meet the Lingams

Nearly 3 months ago, I posted a random note in a Facebook women’s travel group sharing the great news about my villa renovations coming to an end and inviting ANYONE to come check it out if they were ever in Bali. Two seconds later I received a private message from Ashanya, who happened to be in Bali while waiting to relocate to Amsterdam with her beau. How cool right?

Well needless to say, we connected over dinner and hit it off immediately. It’s like we’re soul sisters from another mister. Incredibly smart, witty and fearless, she blessed my group of Bali sister friends with her amazing energy over the course of 4 hang out days. Low and behold, I was heading back to visit America (I know, it’s only been FOREVER since I updated this blog…I’m working on it ya’ll) and invited her to villa sit for me. She obliged, along with her bestie who was on the way to Bali as well.

Before she waved me goodbye from my front door, she told me I just HAD to visit Kuala Lumpur and have her parents host me. Which is exactly what happened this past week.

Let me tell you guys - I had ZERO room left in my belly after visiting with the Indralingams! They are true foodies and shopped me around to all the best places for traditional Malaysian and Indian cuisine. It was a treat to say the least!

Outside of eating, we visited the local electronics market that’s headed up by all the Chinese merchants.. amazing. And enjoyed my favorite past time - flea market rummaging.

I left feeling loved and adopted into an incredible family I’ll forever be a part of.

Enjoy the pics. xx