Just Let Go. It just feels better...

originally written: February 28, 2017
published unedited and un-added to.

As a bonafide Piscean — seriously, all my planets and stars and whatnot are in Pisces, it's cray — I can easily hold onto ideas, dreams, people, places, sentiments until the pigs fly home... much to the detriment of my ability to be in "reality". Since as long as I can remember, I've always enjoyed the play between my imagination and the truth in a way that conveniently only brings up the best parts of the past while leaving out all of the "ummmmm that's why you dumped him" parts. 

Can I get an amen?? Anyone? Anyone? 

Well, I have to say, over the past 2 years, I've been saying good bye, see ya later, and kick bricks to a lot of people, places, things and memories..... except one. 

My deep and karmic connection / love with one particular Fire Starter we'll affectionately name Mr. S. For over 5 years now, I've so affectionately 

But the learning was literally letting go... because in it, I was able to have even more love.... arguable REAL LOVE .... for a man that helped trigger some of my biggest growth patterns in the latter part of my adulthood to date. WITHOUT EVEN BEING THERE. How wild is that? 

Talk about Power and Connection. Or being a God / King. 
He's the dealio, we all have this kind of power. Knowingly and unknowingly. 
And it's through letting go of eveything and seeing it all crash down on our heads / hearts / expectations do we actually allow some of the most magical things to happen in our lives. 

Like loving Mr. S regardless to if I ever see him again in this lifetime. Or even ever talk. Or decide to marry other people in other lands in other pretensese (cause I haven't thought about any of this before... by the way!) 

It's so been freaking worth it. 

Ash Johns