Space + Vulnerability | Two Elements REQUIRED

originally written: May 15, 2017
published unedited.


So far, there has been 3 times in my life to date when I walked away from my entire way of life in pursuit of something else.. something more edifying to my soul ... 

  1. 2004 When I dropped out of high school (don't worry, I did make it to University on time the following year and graduated with HIGH honors and accolades — that don't even matter today lol) 

  2. 2012 When I quit my "dream job" in advertising only twice removed from Beyonce herself (not that I'm even a fan to be honest...more thoughts on that another day)

  3. 2015 When I dropped my balancing act of Market Research brand consulting, being a freelance makeup artist and co-running a start-up video production shop.

  4. 2017 When I left my perceived life of freedom abroad to pursue experiencing unconditional love, support, vulnerability, trust and deeper healing with men in a relationship with my Love stateside.


I went through this process, it felt like the first time ever in life. 
However, every time I did it, unknowingly I was creating space to pause, reflect, look and listen to my heart, desires, interests and true human needs. 

and every single time, these led to a shift in direction in my life and chance at change.

When people ask me HOW I walked away from it all and managed to create a life abroad in beautiful paradise, I lean heavily on this principle. It's amazing what can come into fruition when you create the space for it. 

Also, creating space didn't include a major savings account, pre-planning / interviewing for a job or taking out a loan to get me here. 

MORE than anything, it took me leaping at the opportunity to listen to my heart and follow my soul's alignment instead of shrinking into doubt and/or what other's would think. 

When I did that, in a split second, the energy around me shifted and the things I needed to support those shifts began to easily appear... in which I supported them with a positive and charming personality, hard work ethic and skills, flexibility and gratitude. 


It hasn't unrolled for me in any way that all the other coaches, and healers and internet marketers talk about. 

  • Uncertainty / Risk

  • Culture Shock outside of my Comfort Zone

  • Going Against the Grain to Find my Flow

  • Let go of who you know, for who you need + want

  • Confrontation... of myself.


Now that I've identified my formula, maybe this move to Australia will be a but more different... that's my big surprise! Wooot and yeah! 

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