Oz Updates | New Zone, Angels + Personal Practice


Hey Folks! 

So, it's been nearly 2 weeks since I left Beautiful Bali for the land Land Down Under, and I have to say LOTS IS HAPPENING!
Major love and shout out to my Tribe — Claire, my Momma, Ashanya (and her family), Sabina, Britney + Jasmine, to name a few — who not only are supporting this transition for me in their own ways, but have put me in touch with amazing folks that align with who I am and my work on this Earth right now. 

Awesome stuff. 

Here's the nuggets I wanna share with you: 


Stepping out of my comfort zone is a never ending cycle... and it never gets easier. Like ever. 
I had the HUGEST (that's a word right now) breakdowns on my last day in Bali because there was so much love I felt I was proactively choosing to leave behind. Think finding your favorite place in the world and then deciding to leave for more growth — 'cause that's what I just did. 

I was wondering how the cards were all going to fall, who I was going to meet, what I would be missing while being away from my dear Soul Family + Community and knowing I was choosing to reimmerse myself back into the Matrix. 

BUT it's sooooo necessary.
How else will I test my spiritual gifts and growth more?
How else would i be able to see the dark areas I've neglected since Bali's blinding light has been in my eyes?? 

How Sway???

I cried crocodile tears for all that I was leaving behind (in theory... because none of it is really left behind..) but then was greeted with my next insights: 


Guardian Angels are friends who come through. 
Strangers who just can't stop glancing over, and then decide to strike up a conversation that lasts for hours. 
Family who send through the coins needed to support the transition. 
Safe space to sleep and work and plot at an amazing friend's home. 
Framily (friends who are family members) sending emails to all their contacts announcing your arrival and how we all have to connect.. 

I mean people.... WE ARE EACH OTHER'S KEEPERS. 

Having the space to expand and be supported while you tackle life changes, launching a new business, managing clients and pitching new consulting work, all while setting up a new life is fucking crazy. And then to be supported with NO STRINGS ATTACHED?? 

That's Divine Love + Understanding. 
And I'm so grateful for it. 

In it, I'm learning TRUST... and where my deeply rooted patterns and mindsets conflict with the true essence of who I am.


Australia is about flexing my new life in an old world. 
That's it. 

To see how I can be in this world, and not of the world
What cloak I choose to wear daily without compromising who I really am, the power i possess and how i choose to share that with the world for deep personal healing and growth. 

Call this an assignment, but the first thing I noticed about myself is how easily it is to go back into previous beliefs, patters and mindsets. I literally went into survival mode without realizing it. 

Wanting to plan and organize and control everything in order to settle in with "ease" and quickly, so nothing (read: business development) is disturbed. But that is absurd. 

When I left for Bali, I had nearly $30k USD liquid, aside from savings and investments. Then I landed a lucrative deal with a women's retreat. Yes, for a girl raised in poverty and knows what homeless is, I was BALLING. 

Fast forward to my arrival to Melbourne, and I had a cumulative $5 USD* to my name. NOT BALLING. 

I've invested everything I have into my business(es), personal and spiritual development, my villa property and, yes, travel trips and a couple fantastic meals daily (lol). I share this super personal information not for handouts or naysayers to thrive, but to be so transparent about what it looks like to live this life. To really put "balls to the walls" and go for what you want regardless of the risks. And then know that with hard work and a lot of trust, I have opportunities and people willing to bridge the gap when needed. 

Personally, I hate when people become successful and they don't share the FULL TRUTH of how it happened. The times there was no money, loans were taken and bills overdue. That's the truth of living abroad AND building multiple businesses at once. And I'm not ashamed of it either... because i know i want to remember every detail for the book and movie... ;)  

Plus this is how i define #doingthework...


Isn't necessary the yoga style or class. 
or the length of my meditations. 
or even the amount of food / goodies I place out in my daily offerings... 

What matters most is that I remain completely aware of and connected to my True Self, my core beliefs and values, and my guiding Spirit(s) regardless of where I am in the world —— AND I LIVE THEM IN MY ACTIONS + BEHAVIORS.

Since getting to Australia, I haven't had the luxury of having all my "tools" available to me, and with all the running around, I don't always have 2.5 hours in the morning and evenings for my personal practice I LOOOOOOVED enjoying daily in Bali. 

But that's ok. For me, right now, it's learning and seeing how I stay connected through my mindset and intentions in everything I do. That's as simple as: 

  • Saying a prayer of thanks and gratitude when I awake
  • Stopping to enjoy the sunshine and remembering it's the same sun that kissed my body in Bali
  • Enjoying the *fucking* cool breeze as I walk the Melbourne streets
  • Placing amethyst crystals from Anna Michielan into my water daily  
  • People watching and feeling into the humanity of this place 


*If you don't believe me, i have screenshots!