Live Someplace that Matters | The Truth about Community


Live someplace that requires you to face what you really want to hide inside. 
That removes the veil of lies preventing deep connection
and allows you to find who you really want to share your life with.

Live someplace where your businesses overlap, favors are made and received, fitness is given in exchange for marketing, soft openings for baby showers, and project development for land rental.
Where the desire for forgiveness is evident in the depth in which you are bothered by disconnection

Where I'm sorry, and please forgive me are sweeter than the sound of an ice cream truck but as frequent as taking a shit in the bathroom

Someplace where children teach parents the language of Play
where parents choose to teach life skills over algebraic equations,
where you dont need stop lights because you intuitively know how to give and take with safety — and within boundaries

Live somewhere where you learn the power of the Sun
and the nurture of the Moon —
in them, you will reconnect to the cycles of human behavior in and around you 

Live somewhere where a smile is nearly required
and "how are you?" requires a REAL answer. 
A place where broke, hungry, heartbroken, ecstatic or hungover
are understood by the deepest level of the Soul, 
and you true needs are witnessed.

Live somewhere where the primary language is Human.
but is delivered and translated through Tongue of the Soul

Try living somewhere where your mind gets to rest
and your heart has the chance to run the show for once, again. 

Live somewhere where the Ocean is the Mother Creator
And the Master Destroyer
Where the mountains watch over you while you sleep
and the Earth will shift you into understanding the divinity of the land. 

Somewhere where the babies dont touch the ground until after 3 months
because they are still too holy to be smudged by society
and they are still closest to God with divine knowledge respected and
in awe of by adults who have forgotten and mistaken their own power

Live somewhere where risk is rewarded if you show up and trust
even when the dirt is still in your mouth
and the burn is still healing at the edges of pain and disappointment

Live somewhere where meeting up with a stranger, or becoming besties
with a random in a cafe is accepted, and even becomes the best story of your life

Live somewhere where the work is to live. 
and you can remember not to live for the work. 
somewhere where you can evaluate your material possessions constantly,
while paying gratitude to the treasures you can't hold. 

Live somewhere that shows you home is always inside your skin
and connects to something far far away, that's felt but never forgotten
even though you can't find the words to articulate it. 

Live somewhere where Community is Humility. 
Where everything is something to someone, somehow. 

Live somewhere where you remember that you Matter. 

x Ash 

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