Between 30 + 31 | My EPIC fails. And a few great wins. 1:10


What a beautiful time to Rise.

A series of 10 posts on what officially being 'in my 30s' looks like. How 9 months away from Bali birthed a whole new life for me. And, what the process of constantly evolving my businesses entails...  PLUS, some really good new news.



Since it's definitely been a whopping 273 days since my last blog post,
I have to admit I feel the pressure to spill the tea! 
And spilling is what I shall do. 


Lesson 1 of 10.

I officially stepped all the way into my thirties two weeks ago today — hooray and well done to me — however, the lessons and restarts from pre-30s, are still rolling and very much present. Which are probably really good things considering I've learned that the faster I fail, the quicker I revise and do something more aligned with my truest self and my lifestyle goals. So without further delay, here is the first of 10 things I learned in between 30 and 31. 



If you remember from this post, I stepped into the land of kangaroos and flat white lattes with nearly NO DOLLARS to my name. Losing everything only to regain so much more than just money was by far, the second best thing that's ever happened to me in my life to date. (moving to Bali is the first ;) 

During my 5 months in Australia, not only did I rebuild my financial stability by waitressing and being a freelance business consultant and creative brand strategist, I rebuilt my confidence in failing up. 


When I fail up, it means I am literally going into the dark abyss of worry and anguish and potential public ridicule (at least that's what my fears tell me) in order to find a new way of doing things, optimize my life, and release more CONTROLLING FEAR that paralyzes my ideal way of living and creating the dreams I want to experience in this life. 

So I say to all — if I can go from $5 to my name to 5 figures in my bank savings account in less than five months, you can too. And WE can overcome any and everything if we:

  1.  Accept, allow and surrender.
  2.  Devise a loose but focused plan to change the situation. (I say loose because we need to allow for luck  and magic and good favor to happy. We aren't in control of everything, ever). 
  3.  Open up to the possibilities. And BELIEVE they can come to be in your favor. 
  4. Take risks. Admittedly, I tossed so many random emails and sales pitches out to land opportunities that would uplift me. I. had. no. shame. 
  5. Maintain self love, self care practice. Because going into MAKE IT HAPPEN MODE can be dangerous to your health. Don't forget to rest, drink water, shed tears, do yoga... or whatever it is that you do to feel cared for and loved by YOURSELF. 
  6. Evaluate and manage your energy. Are you being a defeatist? Are you aware of how your energy and feelings are effecting your experience and those around you? When I checked myself about my energy, the clouds started to open up and the possibilities started flooding in. More on this later...


That's my recipe for letting go in order to level and rise up in moments of despair. And do you know what I love so much about this experience? By going THROUGH this, I've now taught myself how to gain anything back again (relatively speaking), and it be even better than before my "loss".

And that is THE MOST freeing feeling ever.
Let me tell you. 

Thanks for reading and coming back to my space! Definitely take a look around my site as there's been some MAJOR changes that I'll be sharing more about in the coming posts...OH YEAH. 

xo Ash

Next up: 

How we as individuals are our own community,
but we also need community to become our whole selves. 



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