7 day water fast // what i really learned + a few tips

There’s so much to share, I’m not sure a series of blog posts / thought notes could begin to cover the impact my fasting process has already had on me, and what it continues to reveal and inspire within…but for those who are curious, here’s what really went down: 


Welp folks, here’s the truth - I had been depressed and going through heartbreak for months now. and as I was emerging from my third slump in life ever (more on that in the future), and arguably my worst, i was ready to push myself in a way i hadn’t ever before, to really reconnect with self, and understand the happenings of my life to date. extreme emotions call for extreme behaviors, and i was ready to embark on an journey that would help expose and reprogram my limiting beliefs and values to actually SEE myself in all her light and dark beauty. so to the mountains I went to do the difficult, “dirty work” of self development.

Note, i had previously been on a 7 day juice fast, inspired by the folks over at SmartMinds - check them out!


Reasons like losing weight or ridding myself of physical toxins.. i mean YEAH those were after effects of the process but by no means what I thinking about my waistline when I was literally questioning if the gifts i am born with are worth offering the world anymore. i also wasn’t motivated by the idea of sharing this story. to be really frank, im sharing because it’s beneficial to my journey – should that yield inspiration to another, then got dabbit, im honored to be included in the footnotes to someone else’s miracle of life! honestly. many travel to bali and other magical places on earth to say they’ve been enlightened. I dont care to talk about it, as much as I am to learn, know and understand it for myself. 


If you’re interested in doing this - YES, you’ll be hungry. and grouchy and piss faced irritable. expect that, then move beyond it. that’s where the real work begins. the whole point is to look at the conditioning of the body and mind, examine it, feel why and work through it…you’ll see more of what I mean in the next section.. 

Also, don’t do it alone…but don’t invite just any ol’ body for company. this is truly an intimate process. have support to help push you through the rough times, however, you’ll be doing the work solo regardless to who is next door. also, isolation from regular life matters greatly - in my case, going to the north bali mountains - but remember to build in time to INTEGRATEand observe the changes in your mind, spirit and body POST-fast as well. that’s just as important, if not more than, the actual fast. we don’t live in isolation everyday so actively putting time and space aside to apply your learnings is where true growth lies. If you want more practical tips, drop me a note and I’ll either answer directly or schedule a FB Live to chat it out with folks! 

                                             and now… with further adieu ….

WHAT I REALLY LEARNED / REMEMBERED (in no particular order)

1. my experience of god is through energy 

and also, management of my energy allows me to be in a god-like state of creating the world around me. that means my negative thoughts / traumas / beliefs produced negative things in my life…

my positive thoughts / beliefs / values, made life feel and look like i could pull a rabbit with the best gelato and finest man on earth with a bag of money on his back out of my sleeve. feel me? 

stopping my consumption of food and surrounding myself with only the elements of this earth allowed my entire system to reboot, reconnect and recharge to not only myself, but my divine right and ability to live on a frequency and vibration i choose. But first, i needed to shed some shit, and allow myself to purge. I could literally feel my cells regenerating and spreading to my body to heal injuries, bruises and YES, even my aching heart - physically and emotionally. 

this feeling of connection and power was what i had been missing the very most during my depressive state - i felt helpless, powerless and unable to manifest any of the things i truly desired in my life, as i had previously and with far less effort. and now I understand why.

i had literally been disconnected from my god(dess) power source. 

2. heightened awareness of energy

- to my mind & thoughts 

> which create emotions 

> and emotions are either 1. loving or 2. limiting 

> which then i’d have to go in and deal with (and still am….)

- to my senses & sensitivities

> so i could literally see how everything was connected energetically, i.e. trees, breeze, water, plants, animals, bugs, ME  

> my ability to sense approaching visitors and channel energy while meditating was much more potent and clear 

> eyes physically dilated and expanded more, I literally took out my corrective lenses and looked at the world with more ease 

3. the BIG ONE - my disillusions of abandonment as a child were at the root of my issues

> this, in itself, deserves and will have its own video and proper post. understandably so

> but essentially, it’s the reason i have been non-committal in all but one relationship, 

> why i have harshly judged the actions and loyalty of friends and friendships to the point of pushing people away for lack of authenticity or “consistently showing up” to my pretty high and very personal standards

> have had a high level of control and drive to prove intelligence and independence from any particular place, person or community 

> have carried an overwhelming belief that I was always alone regardless to the “support” offered, while subconsciously waiting for the support I chose to receive to fcuk up, to say it plainly. 

So folks. this is GOLD to me. if 7 days of “suffering” can lead me to this exposure and understanding, i want more. I share this in all transparency because i know I’m not alone. and it matters to me to do so. I’m empowered by this journey and all those who have come into my life to help inspire and facilitate these experiences for and with me. I’m so grateful. 

AND thank you for reading this! I’ve purposely left it raw, real and shorthand. because…healing isn’t a polished experience. 

with love, 


** Do shoot me a note if you care to ask additional, more in depth questions regarding my process, or if you’d like me to hold a FB Live event - I’m up for sharing more if beneficial to others ;) **