Chasing Lily Ali + Learning Lessons at the same time

Also, after a frustrating day of chasing this girl around town, I learned a valuable lesson:

You can’t force someone / something to be the way you want them or it to be.

Sounds like rocket science right? 
Or at least wildly obvious, no?

Well, I had been wanting Lily Ali to be MY definition of a companion dog — always around and full of cuddles (like Harper I guess).

But she is her own puppy.
And full of spunk and adventure and independence. So expecting her to walk on leash or come when I call just isn’t quite fair…

Especially for a Bali Dog.

They really are wild in spirit and behavior. Always roaming and never in one place long. Just when I decided to give up effort because she wouldnt come home before I left for work dinner so I was forced to leave her outside, I show up 3 hours later and here she is, patiently waiting for me at my doorstep. So funny.

The Universe is full of lessons and understandings. How have I missed this lesson and tried to force my desire in other relationships? Timing is always right!