happenings...part II.


Meet Lily Ali. 

This is how this little runt came to me…literally. She was abandoned for weeks on the streets of Seminyak when my neighbors came across her again and insisted I meet this sweet thing. 

She was malnourished, scared and delirious. But in just 2.5 weeks, she come around in a great way. I knew I’d probably adopt a dog while in Bali (the island literally has tons of abandoned strays which was why Harper wasn’t able to come..it’s truly an epidemic i’ve never seen before) I just wasn’t expecting or planning towards a pup! And boy am I out of practice! 

One footboard, TWO pairs of Havaiana flip flops, 4 garden holes and Rp 800,000 later, she’s on the road to a happy and spoiled life with me. She’s even learning to walk on leash this week and mastered riding on a motorbike (no easy feat! Pics to come…) 

She was unexpected, is sweet, fun and a fighter. Thus the name Lily Ali. 

….and she loves coming to ‘work’ at the retreat. Doing a great job earning her keep…guests just can’t get enough of her! 

On another note, I managed to add another passion to my new role… folding all of my previous skills into one (as I’m known to do). But once you give a creative person with some business skills the stage, we’ll quickly make a show. 

So, this past week, we’ve been working on updating the retreat’s website - complete overhaul with new branding and all. So of course we needed to shoot a new film to kick off the new branding. 

So excited to be back in the creative production process in addition to all the other great things going on on the ground…had my first run with drone shooting and I have to say, I nerded out! 

Anything for the shot! 
The guys nailed it! 

We’ve had a few transitions with the staff over the last 3 months. But these two, especially Kadek (which means born second in the family) on the left, were such sweet hearts during my onboarding process. I truly miss them both (Kadek was a housekeeping supervisor with spunk. She’s gone on to have her first child, born 2 weeks ago and named Putu - or first born). Julie, on the right, was our accounting manager and quite talented with managing dollars and ALL resources. She didn’t let me borrow tape or the stapler. I’m not kidding. 

Incredible friendships have already started to flourish… 

After the shoot, had to thank the team for their 5:45am call time and hard work. What better way than a bole (pronounced boo-lay, which means ex-pat / non-indonesian) pizza party!?! Couple of friends joined in too since it was my day off but i wanted to chill with the team.

Below are Barb and Sue. They came right after my Grammy passed and they are the same age - 68 - as my Grammy was. It was the hardest week ever. Seeing them, so full of life, enjoying each other and all of us youngins… 

They went out to stand-up paddle and surf….AT 68! Tell me you can’t try!

Bur seriously, Barb (on the far left) reminded me so much of Grammy I broke out in tears more than once. What a blessing the Universe sent me these two Granny’s to become friends with during this time. Love and gratitude to them. 

Just love this pic of the ladies doing meditation and building a community mandala together during yoga session. It was a big group, so i just observed and grabbed a few pics for social media 

Guys. I love the direction my life is going. 

And am embracing the process it’s taking to get there…wherever ‘there’ is. Which is ever moving…

But you guys get me!