one year #balinspired


it was one year ago today, 17.5.2015, when i walked away from my ‘cushy’ life in chicago and boarded a qatar airways flight with a one way ticket for a vibrantly unstable adventure to bali.  

i left behind family, friends, my Buppy, industrial loft living, someone else’s dream, a few expired ones of my own, an amazing lover & friend, the comfort of a western metropolitan lifestyle, all of my collectibles and a few other invisible items we tend to call 'baggage’ for the idea of gaining everything i had never known. 

i don’t regret any of it. 

i’ve always dreamed of living abroad, of exploring the world from another angle for the chance at adding depth to my life while digging out wounds that gave the illusion of already being healed. and as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for. 

i’m writing this post for no other reason but to be able to look back and smile upon it come my 2-year anniversary living as an expat… wherever i may be then. 

more to (slowly) come…