penicillin. > chinese medicine.


I’m ok! Don’t worry! 

You guys know I HATE taking meds. I mean I struggle with smarties (the candies) because they remind me of pills. not kidding. 

So me FINALLY breaking down to go to the pharmacy for penicillin was a final “save me lawd jesus” moment. 

But first I had 16 cups of ginger/lemon/honey tea, garggled with sea salt water for 2 days and 3 nights, tried some wild chinese medicine sore throat powder that was funneled into the back of my throat by a “friend” that nearly killed me (see pic above…clearly not brightest idea) and took 2 aspirin….so yeah it had to be done. 

luckily meds are so easy to obtain, especially without a doctor’s script and I had an MD guest staying at the retreat who told me what to do. 

So the ruling: tonsillitis. insert jackie chan gif here and flapping arms.

What i need to do more of:  drink water and rest. ashley! rest and drink more water!

noted and i’m feeling much better. 

xo yall.