When we hear a compelling story
rooted in truth, insight and purpose…

THE HEART expands
And then the wallet opens

…because marketing science has proved every purchase we make, is an emotional one. I believe it should be purposeful too.


Putting my 10+ years of advertising, branding & entrepreneurship experience into Empowering Brand & Business sessions that help you create the life you deserve... and make the world a better place.


What I've found to be incredibly true for entrepreneurs, is that our businesses are always a direct reflection of how we're doing in our personal lives. In fact — there's nearly no separation between who you are and why your brand and business lives.

As such, I’m most interested in supporting and working with aspiring creative entrepreneurs, small business visionaries, innovators, coaches, therapists, healers and “humans professionally helping other humans” who care about who they are becoming and how they are to build a profitable business in a world that desperately misses authentic connections.

My aim as a spiritually-driven, brand and business strategist is to make whatever creative need, project or business goal you have come to abundant fruition with collective ease and fluidity, and also that it's rooted in your soul's purpose + reason for being on (and bettering) this Earth. 



Because creating a business requires you to believe in what’s not yet tangible.


One-Off Session


One-off Strategy Session is roughly a 2 hour deep dive into channeling and facilitating your truth into clarity so you can prioritize and actualize your dream, vision and / or calling. In a session, we work on developing an overarching brand and business strategic plan that will be a guide to defining your unique point of view, what you offer and mixing it all together for visibility, sales and revenue.

You get the most value when we use the session to workshop through a specific challenge or project on your mind / in your business. They are even more beneficial when they're continuations of previous recommendations completed and you’re now ready for next phase of expansion!

This session is great for anyone who is overwhelmed with what to do first, nervous about how to show up to get customers and sales, or feel unsure about (ahem, hates) business and marketing but has something to offer the world.

Monthly Consulting


Monthly Consulting is my expert attention into the details of your business. Have me completely in your world, seeing what currently is in real time and offering alternative strategies that align with the values you want to live — personally and professionally. I’ll take inventory of what’s happening — from messaging, funnel tactics, engagement messaging and sales, all the way to how you want to feel and be to grow your brand and business.

We spend our time co-creating the energies in and around you into your business in real time with this selection, applying and testing strategies as they are developed and analyzing change behavior within yourself and community. At conclusion, you get a recap and recommendation plan forward. 

Consulting is great for anyone who has some momentum but wants to begin aligning their business to their ideal lifestyle and impact in the world, not the other way around.

In both options, we approach the sessions holistically and often cover the intersections of: brand, business, sales, modern marketing, market research, online business strategies, pricing models, messaging, cultural change and nuance and more, as well as the spiritual guidance, ancestral blocks and personal development (i.e. imposture syndrome and self-sabotage) to get you out of your own way going.




With over 10 years experience in advertising, research, branding and entrepreneurship, I'm a creative non-traditionalist and (spiritually) gifted problem solver focused on healing and evolving culture —how we live, how we relate and how we make money— through immersion, connection and conversation.

Having worked with global brands to international start ups, I know what it takes to not only birth an idea into the world, but nurture it with smart strategies and detailed execution.

I am the bridge in a room that knows a lot, and nothing at all — always asking the difficult questions, pointing out the elephant in the room and sharing ideas that connects to the human spirit...

Wildly curious and collaborative, I like to make things a little bit easier and a whole lot more beautiful through relevant storytelling, simple design and by listening to Spirit.

Connect with me on Linkedin and reach out for a consult.

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Ash Johns

Conscious Strategist
Spiritual Entrepreneur
Certified PsychoSpiritual Coach


spiritual business.
conscious marketing.

Because creating a business requires you to believe in what’s not yet tangible.



for spiritual folks and Changemakers wanting to do business differently.

The best of both worlds — offerings that support you in becoming even more successful with practical personal development techniques, alongside strategic branding and business marketing guidance, so you can stand in integrity while making a deeper impact on the people of this planet.



I enjoy sharing gifts of wisdom on spirituality, personal and ancestral healing, cultural transformation, conscious business, creativity and more...

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