that's a faq

I tend to be pretty "colorful" with my language, so if any of the above flew over your head, it may be me — not you! I hope this list of frequently asked questions serves to clarify.

Otherwise, email me and I'll be in touch as soon as possible. 

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what's a psychospiritual coach, guide, mentor?

I am one part Spiritual Guide, Seer, Hyper-Intuitive Connector, and one part Insightful Coach, Supportive Strategist. Through my trainings, initiations, certifications and experiences, I help motivate and shine light on the limiting beliefs, traumas, programming and patterns preventing you from making significant changes in your life.

I like to make things relatable, down to earth and digestible by living my own life out loud and sharing those awakenings through vulnerable and transparent storytelling. You can view my credentials here.

are you different than a coach?

Yes — I glean my passion for inspiring, motivating and holding clients accountable in their spiritual, personal and business development by first (and always) living and working through my own life and personal challenges. By all means, I most certainly don't consider myself to be a guru or expert.

However, I've learned a lot by aggressively living outside my comfort zone and deciding to live life in respect to myself, Earth and the power I believe we all have. And for the record for those it matters to, I am a certified life coach.

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what do you guide people on?

I believe in and base my work on a combination of Transpersonal + Spiritual Psychology and Ancient Ancestral Wisdom — that all of life is interconnected and our human experience is rooted in our spiritual and mental capacities and health. So, if you're unfulfilled in any particular area of your life, and/or notice some continual loops of behavior or trauma, I'm passionate about exploring the roots related to the challenge, and supporting you with forging a plan to work through and heal it. 

when should i hire a guide? 

When you are dissatisfied, frustrated, stuck and feeling unmotivated in any area of your life AND are ready to be focused on shifting it. Similarly, you should hire a spiritual guide or mentor when you are feeling on top of the world and blossoming with enthusiasm.

This is a wonderful time to consult your Higher Self for assistance and have a partner to keep you flowing!


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how does the process go?

After you choose a session, you’ll complete an intake application and pay your session fee. We'll schedule our meeting dates and connect.

Depending on your booking, you may have an initial consultation to determine what topic(s) you want to work on and what's inhibiting you from tapping in and moving forward in your life. Sessions vary in length of time from 1.5 - 3 hours and some will have "homework" following. 

what can i expect?

Courage. You and I will both practice courage showing up and sharing what needs to be shared to support your growth, healing and transformation.

Compassion. I will meet you where you’re at and hold safe, but brave (see Courage) for you so you can break through and move forward in a new way you’ve always longed for.

Unapologetic, yet extremely caring, Truth. 

Expect support, an authentic voice of reason and perspective, and someone who shows up with heart, empathy, and the ability to hold you accountable in your action plan and spiritual insights.  


what don't you do as a psychospiritual coach, guide, mentor?

Clinical Psychological Evaluations
I am a Spiritual Guide, Mentor and Coach to clients who are stable and not currently experiencing any life altering / crisis at the moment. If you have relatively fresh or recent trauma, depression, or a psychological disorder, please consider medical assistance or licensed therapist. While I am a certified life coach, I am NOT a licensed therapist or medical professional. Please seek medical help and approval first. I'm happy to also speak with you to determine your ability to begin work with me. 

Take clients who aren't yet ready to Do The Work
You can uncover, rework and thrive in creating and living the life that you most desire. I'm here to help you uncover the spiritual connections, ancestral patterns and programming holding you back and to inspire, assist, strategize and help you execute change into reality. However, I can't do the work for you (I've got my own :)

So, consider if you're really ready to hold yourself accountable as well — as the saying goes, you can lead the horse to water, but you can't make it drink. 

Give Advice or Assign Action Plans
Your work is a Journey. So is mine. The work we will do together is a joint effort. Which means, I am your guide and a tool to assist you in your process — but I am not your lifeline, heavy lifter or savior. I won't tell you what you should do, but I will ask the difficult questions to unearth areas you may not see that lead to insights, spiritual reconnection and new behaviors.

Following certain sessions and packages, I will summarize items we uncovered and tools discussed to support your activation and integration process.  

Violate your personal privacy or share personal information
I will always hold our conversations and sessions, and your life / family in deep, sacred space and will never share any aspects of them online, in conversation or elsewhere, especially without your direct written approval. 

You have an advocate and trusted resource in me, and I don't take that lightly.