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Empowering 1-on-1 Coaching and Healing sessions that help you create the life you were born to live.


come out from your hiding place.

this is SAFE space to be brave. 

Most times, the hardest step is the first — showing up and showing all of your sh*t to a stranger. Am I right?!

What's so funny (not really) is that the very thing that will set us free, is what's hold us back and in the same place. So while it feels nice and comfy, I invite you to take a step into your vulnerability with me.

When you do, you'll not only find a listening and understanding ear, but also a spiritual strategist ready to help you weave your way out of patterns of fear and stagnation, and into a new space of clarity,  actualization and personal power. 


Becoming creatively, you.


As a certified Psycho-Spiritual coach, I’ll be leveraging psychosynthesis techniques to help you connect to your true self and act of will so you can begin making space to move in the direction of your heart’s desire.

Following your initial consult where we connect and capture exactly what we'll be diving into once in session, I spend time customizing the Becoming Creatively, You program for your specific needs so you have a framework of practical changes that grow into seismic shifts. Each session is approx 1.5 hours on a specific topic you're itching to work on—and yes, there is "homeplay" after!


We often want to see and experience the results of manifestation. We even enjoy the actual doing that creates new energy and opportunities in our lives.

But you know where we get stuck before those two phases?

In the space of — fear, stagnation, limiting beliefs, programming, patterns, chapters, inherited issues, systems of oppression, other peoples needs, expectations, projections, trauma, stress…the list goes on.

Becoming Creatively, You helps you make the SPACE to reclaim your personal freedom and power—the first steps to inviting change to come and dreams to manifest. That’s why we start here…then move into action.

Becoming Creatively, You

is for you…

It doesn’t matter where in your journey of becoming yourself you are, starting and staying on your own unique path will lead you to unlocking exactly who you’re meant to be and what all you’re capable of. I’m a supportive and qualified professional here to help you.

This coaching style and program has been specifically created for people who:

  • Want to get clear on what you really want so you can move with focus in that direction and towards a goal

  • Consider themselves creative beings in some way, shape or form… or desire to be

  • Believe in spirituality—that there is more to life than what is seen (or are open to cultivating a spiritual understanding, i.e. law of attraction)

  • Want to remember, reconnect with and live the dreams you had before your obligations to career, family, society, friends and everyone else’s expectations of you…including your own.

  • You want to create space to make something new…


My approach…

With Courage & Compassion. I have an alchemical approach to healing, connecting + coaching that usually answers the question “how exactly do you do what you do?”

practical psychology.

A Certified Psychospiritual Coach through The Synthesis Center and 15+ years of training and experience understanding human behaviors, I hold space for you to dissolve inner conflict in your life by helping you peel back layers of conditioning, discover your spiritual center of awareness, and exercise what it means to live from a place of acceptance, trust and creativity.

spirit + intuition.

Energy is everything that we do...and don't do. I leverage my empathic intuitive gifts by way of healing techniques relating to the body and environment's energetic frequencies. When I tune into those, we can have a direct conversation with your Higher Self and Ancestral lineage — who only want the very best for you.

mother earth supplies all.

Before any sessions, I spend a great deal clearing space, literally, and connecting with the land and elements for you wherever I am. I strongly believe this Earth supplies everything we ever need if we give her some love and respect. So, I find myself asking for guidance from Wind, Water, Fire, Land + Nature as they support me in supporting you.  



Empowering 1-on-1 Coaching and Healing sessions that help you create the life you were born to live.



I enjoy sharing gifts of wisdom on spirituality, personal and ancestral healing, cultural transformation, conscious business, creativity and more...

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