whether you are a white person or a person of color, you are what we’ve been waiting for.

Mindfulness and meditation, self-love through self-care, green juice, wellness conferences and yoga alone aren’t gonna get us where we all want to go folxs.

Neither will transcendent soul connections with our higher selves if we aren’t grounded in and using the connection to positively change this world in our individual behaviors.

Somehow, with trying to reconnect to ourselves, we’ve managed to rely on the MIND’S idea of healing, rather than the SPIRIT in our BODIES.

Spirituality is the embracing or quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things…meaning being connected to what’s unseen.

And you know what’s SUPER UNSEEN and OVERLOOKED today because our minds just can’t wrap our heads around it?

How the Spirits of the Past are effecting US TODAY.

Spiritual Bypassing.
Cultural Finger-pointing.
Self-centered Spirituality.
Calling-out for Accountability.