Belonging Podcast | ep.19

with Becca Piastrelli (March 11, 2019). If ya really really wanna know about Ancestral Healing for Personal Freedom and Cultural Change, Becca and I dive in during Episode 19: The Bright + Well Ones! We chat quite a bit on being a modern colonizer, a call for freedom, the intersections of healing your ancestry and a call for integrity. Listen at Belonging Podcast or Soundcloud!


Help More People podcast

with Adam Nicholson (Feb 27, 2019). In this episode, we talk about social justice issues, my work with ancestral healing and how I see it connecting and intersecting with every aspect of life. Listen below or at Adam’s site!


awaken her soul interview

with Madison Hedlund (August 2018). After a serendipitous and soulful connection, Madison invited me as a guest teacher for her signature program, Awaken Her Soul. In this interview, I talk on the topics of mindful marketing, integrated spirituality, wholeness, both,and /non-duality.


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