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With her contagious personality and ability to inspire through storytelling,

Ash captivates audiences by sharing messages on freedom, healing, conscious business and cultural change through courage.


Ash speaks on the topics of spirituality in life and work, conscious business and branding, entrepreneurship, non-conforming leadership, workplace wellness, creativity, travel, ancestral healing, cultural change and more.

With a love for the stage and connecting with people, Ash’s mission is to help inspire and create belonging and freedom in a world that feels fragmented and more disconnected by the day.

Whether working privately with individuals, amongst a chosen few in workshops or standing before hundreds at corporate events, Ash brings people closer by guiding them back to their true selves and desires within and amongst community.


“Ash has such a presence and so much conviction in all that she does. I’m so proud of how she shows up, gives so much to others and leads in a room, no matter who’s in it.”

— T. Linnell, SVP, Marketing Science  


SIGNATURE TALKS and presentations:

Initiate Your Own Path

Inspires listeners to lean into their own unique reason for being on this earth...and how to do that. The audience will walk away with a new perspective on how to take responsibility of their life's purpose.

In the Spirit of Freedom

What are we willing to do to experience freedom, opportunity and prosperity? This talk leads audiences through cross-examining human’s nature of survival, what we’re being asked to do and how we’re being asked to rise in order to create and live in sustainable communities fueled by the pursuit of happiness. This talk covers (his)tory, race relations, generational trauma and socio-economic topics for healing and cultural evolution.

Spiritual Living in Business

Also known as 'Being Spiritual in Corporate', this talk and workshop shows an inherent relationship between leadership, spirituality and survival that must be explored for individual and team success. It also emphasizes the importance for ongoing personal development, mental health care and emotional wellness tending for personal stability and relationship growth.

Conscious Marketing for Cultural Change

Inspired by her own entrepreneurial journey, this talk and workshop takes listeners down a path of business, marketing and sales innovation to explore the real power of doing good while calling in business opportunity and growth. Covers controversial topics around capitalism, consumer behavior mining for marketing purposes and cultural stereotypes. This talk is reserved for forward-thinking and moving brands and businesses.

Other topics Ash speaks, workshops and facilitates on :

Leadership Entrepreneurship Workplace Inclusion Meditation for Mental and Emotional Wellbeing Ancestral Healing and Reconnection Forever Out of Your Comfort Zone, Again Energetic and Spiritual Wellness Practical, Everyday Magic that Matters


Bio — Ash is an international business and brand strategist, spiritual guide, psychospiritual life coach, speaker and writer who helps people, brands and businesses remember their purpose on this earth… and actualize it with integrity and spirit.

Known for her larger than life presence, bright energy and bold, yet smart, strategies to solve tough problems, Ash brings courage, compassion and a conviction for positive change with her wherever she goes. Wildly collaborative and creative, Ash’s mission is to help inspire freedom and belonging in our lives, businesses and workplaces.

A student of life, she’s been studying various forms of personal development since the age of 8, has a Bachelors of Science degree with honors in Advertising and Entrepreneurial Marketing from Murray State University and is a certified Psychospiritual Coach through The Synthesis Center.

Ash believes teachers are also always students.

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“Ash is such an inspiration and a dynamic speaker. She will have you laughing and thinking deeply at the same time!”

— Enid, Founder + Host, Raw Storytelling



I enjoy sharing gifts of wisdom on spirituality, personal and ancestral healing, cultural transformation, conscious business, creativity and more...

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