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    What is Spiritual Business Circle?

    Spiritual Business Circle is community gathering offered to conscious, spiritual and do-good entrepreneurs who 1) answer to a bigger call 2) want to see change in the world 3) know we still need money to make life happen. This space is real, activated and supportive.


    your monthly membership includes:

    • two (2) live group zoom meetings per month

    • invocation and petition for each member

    • intention setting for the month, with actions to activate and actualize

    • receive support applying conscious business practices and principles

    • guidance transmuting modern marketing + business approaches into ways that serve the vision of your business and your desired energetic output

    • thinktanks unraveling the ways capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy, and other systemic injustices sneak up in our pursuit for results and success, even as changemakers and spiritual folks

    • encouragement, support and truth speaking for, to and with each other, respectfully and as requested / with permission, of course

    • weekly feedback on your shares by me — led by my spiritual knowing. supported with my entrepreneurial know how

    • a special bonus each month (because I like surprises)!

    Photo Description: Ash teaching a Conscious Branding and Business workshop at Brand New Mornings, Miami.

    Photo Description: Ash teaching a Conscious Branding and Business workshop at Brand New Mornings, Miami.


    hosted by…ME!



    Conscious Brand Strategist Certified PsychoSpiritual Coach
    Entrepreneur & Spiritualist

    With over 10 years experience in advertising, research, branding and entrepreneurship, I'm a creative non-traditionalist and (spiritually) gifted problem solver focused on healing and evolving culture —how we live, how we relate and how we make money— through immersion, connection and conversation.

    I am the bridge in a room that knows a lot, and nothing at all — always asking the difficult questions, pointing out the elephant in the room and sharing ideas that connects to the human spirit...

    Wildly curious and collaborative, I like to make things a little bit easier and a whole lot more beautiful through relevant storytelling, simple design and by listening to Spirit.

    Connect with me on Linkedin and reach out for a consult.