Play | The Wild Unknown

I've been one to play with cards, tarot, oracle decks a time or two...I remember being naturally curious and drawn to them as a little girl, which was forbidden in our uber Christian household as you can imagine. Slowly but surely, they've made their way (back) into my life - I say back as I find myself unlocking things that are new to me now, but are wildly familar once I start dabbling... more on that in the future. 

My first deck ever was a set I picked up after a beautiful reading at The Ruby Room in Chicago, called the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. You can order your own here as they are a nice beginner's set, very kind and full of Goddess / feminine energy and wisdom. 

However, this new set is AMAZING!

The Wild Unknown is a beautifully illustrated tarot deck (to me, majorly different than oracle cards) that have a modern, yet primal interpretation of the traditional tarot deck. I'm a sucker for good design aligned with a spiritual cause / connection! I've had them for about 2 months now and just find myself thumbing through to get to know them and, when I really feel connected, pulling the Celtic Cross layout for clear insight into my questions or troubles. 

I've done a few readings for friends about love and career and, so far, they've been incredibly clear and accurate. Plus - THOSE IMAGES. So powerful. 

Learn more about them here and their authors

Oh and if you're wondering about my crystals - the Amethyst is one I've used during nearly every one of my Reiki energy sessions - it's amazing at opening psychic channels, increasing calmness and a stronger meditative state, and strengthens imagination and intuition; and the Apophyllite stone was given to me by my second Reiki Master, it's wonderful at assisting connection to the spiritual realm and ancestors. I've just got the Selenite wand, which is good for clarity and clearing, but have only played with it a bit... 

What questions do you have about card play & exploration? Drop me a line. 

Hope you enjoy! xx