Update | Month of Ash x Expectations

Couple things: 

  • 8 days into my "month of ash" with no text, whatsapp, FB & Instagram (besides business items) and I was having HUGE withdrawals and FOMO (fear of missing out). 
  • I smashed my phone on day 9. That was the Universe asking me to commit. It was also the onset of Mercury Retrograde which always causes technology issues... BABAHAHAHA!
  • Days 10 - 13....I cracked and bought a BRAND SPANKING new phone because it was gonna take 7 whole, human earth days to repair the screen to my old phone (da fuuuuuuuck!?!?) 
  • So I'm back connected to the interweb world.

Here's what I learned: 
1. Sometimes you need to unplug just a little bit to get a whole lot. 
2. Be flexible. We set these HUGE ASS goals and at the end of the day, living and being present is all that's really needed. 
3. Coming back into the mix of things is kinda overwhelming.. all those missed messages and whatnot were coming at me like flying saucers. I actually turned the phone back off.
4. I was able to pull back all my energy leaks that were being given to so many other things - call back this, connect with who, send love here. I still did those things but without all the "pressure". 
5. If 13 days of limited social media, whatsapp, text and talk did this to me, how in the holiest of lands will I get through 10 days of Vipassana in November??????? Good God. Pray for me.

++ Oh another thing: I actually started sleeping through the night. I usually sleep in 4-6 hour intervals throughout a 24 hour "cycle" but I have been waking up at 3am-ish for a few minutes since moving to Bali....I think it was a learned behavior to "check" what was going on back in America. That was relieving to let go of.

That's it. xx