Month of Ash | Themes

After 3 months of contract conclusions, 2 months of villa renovations, and another 2 straight months of international travel and living out of suitcases, I find myself in DIRE need of some serious "Ash Time" as my friends and loved ones have affectionately coined to describe my periods of isolation. 

To me, Ash time is a hard stop to as many energy pulling commitments, interests and desires in order to be stationary and give myself some well needed self-love, self-care and rest. It's HUGELY beneficial with managing my time, emotions, mental state and, really, overall abundance, creativity and point of view on life. 

So this session will be a month-long extravaganza, full of personal time, meditation, journaling, business forecasting, spa treatments, masturbation (yes, I've typed it..and if that makes you squeamish, you should definitely read this or this about the benefits of masturbation. Also, this is a fun, safe place to explore folks, so come along with me...well not literally in this instance, but you get where I'm going), and mirror talk / dance. I've also opted to drastically reduce social media access and limit my communications only to those relating to current business projects and my closest contacts. 

I've come across two very inspiring video pieces right before declaring Month of Ash, that focus on the importance of putting in the EXTRA effort to fully embody the creative process. For whatever many reasons, both of these resonate with me greatly... 

and regarding the level of detail and passion that must go into the process...

I'm calling for fine tooth comb detail, study and application over this month of September, to dive into all the things that are speaking so greatly to my soul. Things so simple as restructuring my systems of organization and digital file management, all the way to consistency in placing offerings to the Land Spirits and Ancestors with enthusiasm and zeal daily. I'm taking one large step into integrating my beliefs into my daily life, and taking my studies and their applications to the next level ... let's see how this goes... 

Check back for more dabbles and updates of my month-long experiment ;)