Elijah H

“I am not exaggerating when I say Ash literally midwived me into an entirely new place in my life.”

— Elijah, USA
Certified Life Coach, M.S., L.Ac.

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Testimonial 03 — Paige Coleman

— I can only share how I felt…
”…connected, vulnerable, safe and affirmed. My confidence was strengthened and I felt so safe. Ash, you have a beautiful gift. Thank you for sharing your energy with me.”

— Paige Coleman, USA
Non-Profit Program Administrator

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"Ashley provided a safe space. Through her clear steps I was able to work through a blockage which almost split apart a friendship. This work has taken away the element of confrontation that often hinders moving through issues and finding new ground, not only with those around me but also towards myself internally.

I am genuinely grateful for these new life skills and feel a deeper level of peace knowing I have the techniques to gently, but firmly, address issues and energy that can so often hold us back from moving forward. Ash, you're an angel, Thank you!”

— Rob, Australia
Entrepreneur, Men’s Spiritual Development Coach

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“Only when an individual feels extremely safe and sincerely cared for, can such phenomenal healing occur. 

Ashley is gifted with the ability to not only create such a space, but to do so with a confidence, sincerity and gentle strength which promotes profound self-acceptance and transformational healing.”

— Veronica, Canada

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“I am not exaggerating when I say Ash literally midwived me into an entirely new place in my life.

She held an incredibly safe and nurturing space for me, facilitating my crawling out from the chrysalis I hadn't known I'd been wrapped up in. I will remain eternally grateful for her indescribable healing presence. She went far above and beyond expectations - we were not just taken care of, but truly cared for."

— Elijah, USA
Certified Life Coach, M.S., L.Ac.

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one-on-oneAsh Johns4Comment

"Meeting Ash helped me to begin to unpack some of the fears I was harboring that were keeping me from living my biggest life. 

She is amazing at creating a safe space and providing the spiritual and emotional guidance that can lead you on a journey of discovering yourself."

— Jalisa, USA

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one-on-oneAsh Johns2Comment

"Her natural ability to connect with people, specifically women, has impressed me.

The way she combines spiritual practices, from all over the world, and finds a way to share that uniquely with others in a way that really impacts lives, speaks to the the power house that she is. Ash is one of the most genuine healers and leaders I’ve ever met." 

— Crystal, Curaçao
International Pilates Instructor

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Ash is nothing shy of inspiring and amazing. She really knows how to meet you where you’re at and help you tap in to help you transform your life. Anyone who works with her will feel her love and genuity.

— Dane Caston, USA
Co-Founder, World Peace Connection

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