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“Ash is a spirit-led organizer who knows her shit when it comes to media, marketing, and strategy. She helped me find clarity in my business to clearly articulate my work to others, while allowing us to trust the ancestors, spirit, and intuition. She challenged me to think more deeply about myself, my relationships, and my work in a structured, yet spirit filled way. The moments where we would just chat about life, that may not directly involve the immediate work, but allowed me to process general 'life things' that affect my business had more impact that I initially realized. Personally, I felt like I had a real supporter in my corner committed to helping me grow. Thank you so much for being everything that you are, Ash. I don't know how I would be moving forward in the ways that I am without you blessing me.”

— JujuBae
Conjurer, Healer, Podcaster

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KyAira Carter

Working with Ash will help you to connect what is in your heart to your business. I really liked that Ash asked me questions that helped me to verbalize the vision I have for my business and we were able to come up with clear steps toward bringing that vision to life. I've seen more engagement on my website after making the branding shifts that Ash and I discussed too. She is kind, transparent, intentional, and intuitive in her work and I truly feel supported having her on my team. It has helped me to step further into my light and my gifts, and our work together was a pivotal moment in my business. Bridging the gap between spirituality and business was not something I was familiar with and Ash sets the example of how to do it AND guides with love and grace. She just gets it.”

— KyAira Carter
Owner, YoKyni Organics

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”I am so so grateful to have found Ash and her work! She is incredibly gifted and her wide, yet deep, presence is felt immediately. I marvel at how she has the ability to make each and every individual feel seen, heard and honored. You can feel that she recognizes the power within each of us and is willing to work with you in order for you to embody it. Her redirection is gentle yet firm. Her knowledge is vast and each conscious business circle left me feeling charged and capable! I set the intention to work on my relationship to business and money earlier this year. I struggled with the perspective that pursuing and making money was corruptive. Our society gives us a glaring example of what happens when we are off balance and only center profit. But Ash has helped me to reframe that for myself! She teaches that we can be prosperous, build wealth and be spiritually attuned, balanced and responsible. We deserve to be taken care of on all fronts so that we can show up to our work joyful, inspired and well rested. I trust her as a guide in my journey and my ancestors do too!”

— Leila Wright
Doula, Herbalist and Medicine Woman

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"At one point I couldn't stop thinking my personal problems that it felt like I had a constant head-ache and couldn't think clearly anymore. I just wanted a break from myself. I went to see Ashley just to have someone to talk to because I knew she gets things and she possesses this aura of wisdom and insight. I never heard about reiki but what she did to me was incredible. I have been soo tensed and had really and quality sleep. But that day, I could physically feel how she pulled the negativity out of my body. I could hardly sit up but I regained clarity and felt at peace. It was an exceptional experience and talking to Ashley has been really empowering to me."

—Elin Nguyen, Sweden

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“Ashley is awesome. She possesses a rare combination of strategic vision, intuition, intelligence, and strength that makes her a powerful person to have in your corner. Hardworking & kind, she is a great team player and can easily fit into any environment. I have great respect for Ashley and can't recommend her highly enough.”

— Chad Hinkle
Psychological Profiler and Researcher

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Testimonial 01 — Britney Robbins

Ashley is a phenomenal woman. She's helped me so much through my spiritual journey. Not only does she consistently provide sound advice and direction, she's also very in tune with the spiritual world and the energies your lifestyle creates. She's shifted my perception on religions and spirituality which has in turn helped me to refocus in business, in my personal life and in my love life. It's clear that she has a gift and I'm excited for her to be sharing those talents with the world because I'm certain she will continue to help women move through their spiritual journey.

— Britney Robbins
Founder + CEO,
The Gray Matter Experience

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